High-altitude paths with fabulous views onto the Mosel-river bends, vineyards, wooded mountain chains,countless castles and the best panorama-viewpointsabove the water: your hiking week between Trier anCoblenz is packed full with highlights. You discover idylliclittle villages featuring half-timber houses, hike throughunique evergreen boxtree forests, ascend rocky steeppaths and cross Europe’s steepest vineyards. Impressiveplaces for a rest and viewpoint pavilions await with stupendous views reaching far into the distance, and quaint wine bars invite you to enjoy the marvelous Mosel wine. With Trier, Germany’s oldest town, the popular Eltz

castle, as well as the historic Roman high-altitude settlements and temple complex in the mix, you are sure to not miss out on the cultural delights. Look forward to

fantastic hiking tours between the mountain ranges of the river Eifel, the Hunsrück and the Moselriver valley!


The mild climate along the Moselsteig not only allowsfirst-class wine to thrive, but also wild boxwood. Experience nature with all your senses, enjoy the panoramas and admire the timber-framed architecture.


You mainly walk on well-maintained hiking paths and trails, on graveled vineyard paths and remote forest paths. The panoramic paths featuring great views lead you in parts across steep terrain and rocks, here surefootedness is a prerequisite. The ascents and descents of the mountain ranges of the Mosel river valley are mastered easily with a good basic fitness level. Daily tours can easily and comfortably be cut short by train any time.


Arrival by train in Trier 

Parking: limited number of hotel parking spaces, approx. EUR 15 per day, no reservation possible. Public

parking spaces, approx. EUR 15 per day. 



27.05.: Arrival in Trier

28.05.: Trier – Bullay

29.05.: Circular walk Bullay

30.05.: Bullay – Cochem

31.05.: Circular Walk Cochem

01.06.: Cochem – Treis Karden

02.06.: Departure or extra days


Day 1: Arrival in Trier

Som jeg kan se det efter vinterkørerplanen så er der tog fra København kl. 0726 til Hamborg med ankomst kl. 1206 og videre til Frankfurt kl. 1228. Her skiftes til Trier hvortil vi ankommer kl. 2140.

Afgang fra Århus kl. 0745 og videre til Frankfurt kl. 1228 – samme tider som Københavnerne.

Afgang fra Ålborg kl. 0605 og videre til Frankfurt kl. 1228 samme tider som ovenfor.

Afgang fra Herning kl. 0649 – samme tider som ovenfor.

Trier, Germany’s oldest city, entices you with numerous historic sights. We highly recommend you visit the famous‚ Porta Nigra, Roman excavations and the opulent St. Peter’s Cathedral. A stroll through the bustling historic centre is the perfect way to prepare for the upcoming hiking week.

Hotel (example): Deutscher Hof

Day 2: Trier – Bullay

Details: approx. 5 hours| 17 km | ­ 450 m ¯ 450 m

To start off your holiday you cross the river Mosel and ascend to the colorful sandstone rock located at the Trierer Stadtwald-forest. Along a marvelous high-altitude path with views into the depth onto the river Mosel and views into the distance all the way onto the Hunsrück- mountain range you proceed to Biewer and the Eifel-foothills. You hike through  extensive forests and plateaus all the way to the ‚Ehranger Kanzel‘ and downhill to the river Kyll, onwards through the Eifel-forests onwards to Schweich. By train you reach the charming village on the river Mosel Bullay with its numerous

inns called ‚Straußwirtschaften‘.

Hotel (example): Feriendomizil am Lindenplatz

Day 3: Circular walk Bullay

Details: approx. 5 hours | 15 km | ­ 500 m ¯ 500 m

You reach the start of the tour via the legendary Mosel wine railway and cross Germany’s longest hanging viaduct

in the art-deco town Traben-Trabach. You ascend on steep terrain to Grevenstein castle and proceed on the ‚Franzosensteig‘-trail via spiral staircases and via ferratas straight through the ruins. Spectacular too is the view into the depth down to the river. An alpine hiking section along the ridge Kirster Grat leads you accompanied with great

views to Enkirch, where we highly recommend you visit the historic half-timber houses. Onwards through wine growing areas and the vineyards you proceed to Bullay, where a wine tasting of the best Mosel wines awaits.

Hotel (example): Feriendomizil am Lindenplatz

Day 4: Bullay – Cochem

Details: approx. 5.5 hours | 19 km | ­ 650 m ¯ 650 m

Beautiful paths lead you high above the river up Mount Petersberg, where the summit cross offers stupendous views down onto the Mosel river bend. After the descent and the river crossing near Neef you ascend Mount Calmont on the other side. You hike up Europe‘s steepest vineyard, where grapes are grown on an incline of up to 55 degrees. You proceed via a Roman high-altitude settlement with a view onto the rock spire‚ ‘Eller Todesangst‘ past the ‘Galgenlay-Pavillon‘ and reach Cochem by train. 

Hotel (example): Cochemer Jung

Day 5: Circular walk Cochem

Details: approx. 4 hours | 13 km | ­ 350 m ¯ 350 m

You get to visit Beilstein, the ‚most beautiful of all villageson the river Mosel‘ with its lovely half-timber houses andthe Carmelite monastery. You proceed to the Fankel-barrage and continue in close proximity along the Moselriverbanks. In Bruttig we recommend a break before youascend again through the ravine of the Kabainerbach-stream. Hiking directly through the hillside vineyards youcross the rocky Brauselay-mountainsides, which steepedin legends tower as a black cliff over the river. In theafternoon you marvel at the Cochem imperial castle thistime from the water during a pleasurable boat ride.

Hotel (example): Cochemer Jung

Day 6: Cochem – Treis Karden

Details: approx. 6 hours | 23 km | ­ 750 m ¯ 750 m

You ascend to the Pinner-cross, a marvelous rock pulpitlocated above Cochem, either on foot or by chair lift. Along

hiking paths high above the river you proceed to the legendary refuge ‚Wingerts Budche‘. The Dortebachtal-

nature reserve, the Pommerer Forest and the via ferrata through the Schilzer-basin provide pleasant walking

conditions in the shade. Through green vineyards you reach Mount Martberg, where you can visit a nicely restored Roman temple complex. Narrow trails snake their way through dense woodland down into the valley and

into the Day Finish Treis-Karden.

Hotel (example): Schlosshotel Petry

Dag 7: 02. Juni.

Vi tager toget hjem- Sommerkørerplanen er endnu ikke kommet. Men efter vinterplanen går der tog kl. 1027 med ankomst til Koblenz kl. 1056 og videre til Hamborg med ankomst kl. 1551. Videre til Købanhavn kl. 1655 med ankomst kl. 2134. 

Ankomst Århus kl. 2112

Ankomst Ålborg kl. 2251

Ankomst Herning kl. 2157

Alle togtider er efter vinterkørerplanen. Sommerkørerplanen udkommer 1. december.

Ønsker man af flyve hjem fra Frankfurt køber man egne billetter. Der er overvældende interesse for at tage toget frem og tilbage, så jeg har aflyst den gruppeflyreservation jeg holdt.

Pris for Moselrejser er kr. 6.300,-

Pris for tog ca. kr. 1.200,-

Tillæg enkeltværelse kr. 2.025,-

Noget helt specielt: Jeg har overtalt min Genbo Henrik Solkær der nu driver og et vinimport firma til at afholde en speciel aften for os i marts. Her vil han give os et indblik i tyske vine, fortælle lidt om forskelle mellem druetyper og produktionsmetoder, sidst men ikke mindst give os smagsoplevelser. Ud over selve vinsmagningen vil han servere lidt løgtærte “zwiebelkuchen” og en let tapasanretning. 

Arrangementet koster kr. 250 pp og gennemføres ved 12 tilmeldinger. 


Accommodation as mentioned Breakfast
Luggage transfer
1 Panoramic boat trip Cochem
1 Wine tasting Moselle wines (German, English) 

Carefully elaborated route description
Detailed travel documents 1x per room (German, English, French) 

App for Navigation and GPS-data 

Service hotline